You are currently viewing Software issues preventing Bexar Co. inmates from being released, some of them for days –

Software issues preventing Bexar Co. inmates from being released, some of them for days –

The county said it has a team of 120 IT personnel working to troubleshoot the ongoing issues.

SAN ANTONIO — It’s become the exact opposite of a “get out of jail free” card.

While Bexar County continues transitioning to a new computer system for its justice division, the change has also sparked complaints that glitches are keeping people from being released from jail–in some cases, for days. 

People streaming out of the Bexar County Adult Detention Center on Wednesday wanted their privacy protected, but they were anxious to tell their stories. One person, Sandra, was distraught after she couldn’t get her daughter, who she says is a 100% disabled veteran, out of jail. 

“She’s without meds and she gets suicidal,” Sandra said. “I don’t want another person to get hurt in there. I came here to bond my daughter out, but they told us it’s going to be a two-to-three-day wait.” 

Dusty said it took him days to walk out. 

“It’s just disgusting,” he said, calling the situation chaos. “In the holding tank, every seat was full. There was probably about 40 to 50 men sleeping on the ground.”

He said he couldn’t get his epilepsy medication on time.

“This is a medication that will save my life and they still wouldn’t allow me (to take it). And I’m like, ‘They’re right there. I see them. They’re right there,’” Dusty said.

A man named John brought physical copies of bond payments, hoping that would help spring his friend. But it didn’t.

“People have been in there the past three days because of the new system they’ve implemented” John said. “If you’ve been sitting in a cell for three business days, that’s a substantial amount of money that you’re missing out on. You’re not going to be able to cover the necessities of life.”

Michelle, who has been trying to free her son, called the experience very frustrating.

“You can lose your job. You can lose your car,” she said. “You can lose your home.”

KENS 5 asked the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office for a head count at the jail to see just how bad the problem is. We were told that, due to the ongoing issues, those answers aren’t available now.

Bexar County spokesperson Monica Ramos did tell KENS 5 in a statement that affected departments also included the County Clerk’s Office, District Attorney’s Office and Pre-Trial Services. She said a team of more than 100 IT personnel is working to resolve the situation.

See Ramos’ full statement below:

“Bexar County is aware of some issues website users may be experiencing online since the transition to a new Enterprise County Integrated Justice System (eCIJS), on Monday, June 3, 2024. The eCIJS integrates many areas of the County into one platform. Impacted offices and departments include County Clerk’s Office, District Clerk’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, Pre-Trial Services, Public Defender’s Office, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office among others.

“As information migrates from the old system, there may be gaps in records returned as searches are conducted. Searches may not contain all the information in the records as eCIJS is continually updating with backlogged data.

“Until all information is entered, portals and reporting activity from the system may not be comprehensive.

“Bookings and releases are being performed by BCSO, as appropriate and in accordance with their processes and procedures.

“Over 120 BCIT and Tyler Technologies staff are monitoring issues and troubleshooting information transfers. Bexar County is working closely with all involved parties to make this implementation and transition as smooth as possible for everyone. If a specific situation is brought to our attention, we will look into it to determine the cause.

“For the latest updates on Criminal Justice System migration and impact to users, please visit Please be sure to update your bookmarks and browsers.”