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Hyundai, Austin police hold anti-theft software update event – FOX 7 Austin

KIA and Hyundai drivers in the Austin area have been affected by the nationwide surge of car break-ins.

To help lower the number of break-ins, the Austin Police Department partnered up with Hyundai to help protect those drivers.

“We’ve set up, in the parking lot of APD this Saturday, we set it up so that people can come on by and have the software update put onto their vehicle,” said Ira Gabriel, with Hyundai Motor America.

Hyundai previously came to the Austin area back in March to update the anti-theft software in newer Hyundai models.

This Saturday, Hyundai engineers saw a larger turn out compared to the event in March.

“There’s no appointment needed, there’s no registration. And for those that need the software, we’ll provide the software at no cost. For those that can’t take the software, we’re going to give everybody, whether you need the software or not, a complimentary steering wheel lock,” says Gabriel.

Christian Maynes with the Austin Police Department’s anti-theft interdiction program says this partnership will benefit the city of Austin.


“We’ve had about 1800 total auto thefts, and about 750 of those, approximately 150 others have been KIA/Hyundai auto thefts. So, still seeing that rising number, we’re hopefully putting these events on. It will hopefully keep these cars from getting stolen,” Maynes said.

Maynes says they’re working on bringing more resources to the city of Austin to help with the car break-in issue.

“The Austin Police Department have been in contact with KIA. Nothing,” Maynes said. “We’re still in communication to hopefully bring something for our KIA community to get it done and make their car safe and not prone to being stolen.”

If you own a KIA or Hyundai, APD recommends you come to the Austin Police Department substation off Rutherford Lane to get a free steering wheel lock.