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Marilyn Mosby avoids federal prison, ordered to forfeit Florida home

GREENBELT, Md. — A federal judge on Thursday spared former Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby prison time, but ordered the forfeiture of her Florida vacation home.

Judge Lydia Griggsby handed down a sentence of 12 months home confinement, followed by two additional years of supervised release. Mosby will also be required to complete community service.

The ruling comes after two separate juries convicted Mosby of perjury and mortgage fraud.

Prosecutors successfully argued Mosby withdrew $90,000 from her city Deferred Compensation Plan under false pretenses in order to buy two vacation homes in Florida, while also lying on a home mortgage application.

Judge Lydia Griggsby agreed with the government that Mosby wouldn’t have received approval for a mortgage loan had she not submitted a false $5000 gift letter from her now ex-husband Nick Mosby.

As part of the ruling, Mosby can keep the appreciated value of the original 10 percent down-payment she put on the home. The initial purchase price was $428,000, but Redfin now estimates the home is worth $886,000. Mosby’s lawyers are expected to ask Griggsby for a stay in order to appeal.

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Mosby faced up to 40-years behind bars, with prosecutors requesting 20 months incarceration.

The defense countered by calling for probation and no jail.

In the end Griggsby sided with them, saying Mosby’s crime was non-violent, while also raising the fact she’s a mother of two young daughters.

Over the past couple weeks, Mosby’s team has launched a national media blitz seeking a Presidential pardon.

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Mosby claims she was politically targeted and wrongfully convicted.