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PNW students celebrate International Math Day

April 8, 2024

The Purdue University Northwest (PNW) Mathematics and Statistics Club student organization recently helped share the joy of math with the campus community by hosting an International Math Day celebration.

International Mathematics Day helps celebrate mathematicians’ achievements throughout history and inspire new generations of problem-solvers. The student organization facilitated hands-on and engaging activities meant to share a passion for mathematics and its significance in people’s daily lives. Activities included math puzzles, trivia, calculus with Kahoot, card games, probability bingo and more. Over 100 students, faculty and staff attended.

“We were thrilled to celebrate International Math Day and showcase the beauty and relevance of mathematics and statistics to our community,” said Gowrisree Juttiga, PNW Mathematics and Statistics Club president.

Five people stand together in "Mathematics and Statistics" t-shirtsFive people stand together in "Mathematics and Statistics" t-shirts

“The PNW Mathematics & Statistics Club orchestrated an exceptional celebration of International Mathematics Day,” said Nicoleta Tarfulea, chair for the department of Mathematics and Statistics and interim chair for the department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. “In recognition of the global significance of mathematics and its pivotal role in shaping our world, the club crafted an event with captivating activities aimed at instilling a profound appreciation for the aesthetic and practical applications of mathematics and statistics. We extend heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their enthusiasm and commitment to celebrating the beauty and significance of mathematics.

PNW’s Mathematics and Statistics Club was established in 2022 and actively organizes various activities, including guest talk series by alumni and students and movie nights. Club members aim to inspire a passion for mathematics and statistics.

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