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Tasty Tuesday: Building the Perfect Charcuterie Board |

CLOVIS, Calif. (KGPE) – Dozens of local chefs, businesses, and foodies use the Clovis Culinary Center to serve up success – and CBS47’s Mederios Babb is trying them out.

In the spotlight this week is Mosaics Mouthwatering Charcuteries.

Novella Dean started the company last year. She hopes her boards excite your taste buds and your eyes.

“For Mosaics Mouthwatering Charcuterie, the trick is do not leave empty space,” said Dean. “It must be full, it must be generous looking, it must be opulent, it must be colorful, texture, all of those things.”

Dean is not just the owner of her charcuterie company: she is also a children’s book author and a scientist.

“I hold a degree in Physics and oceanography,” said Dean. “So, science and art are blended to me. Primarily because I am a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago first, before I became an American citizen. We are a very colorful culture. Everything about us is a mix and a color, an excitement and a wonder.”

You can find Mosaics Mouthwatering Charcuterie on Instagram here or by calling (615)-498-5509.